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Michelle Ferguson Demos

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Literary Fiction

Irish Accent

Crime Drama/ Thriller


Irish Accent

YA Fantasy Adventure

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Michelle Ferguson Narrations

Praise for Michelle Ferguson 

Michelle Ferguson and Aaron Abano split the narration of this audiobook romance... Ferguson gives a unique voice to Josie as well as to other characters in the small town... with the alternation of the deliveries, the listener can...get caught up in the romance between Tucker and Josie.

~Springtime at Hope Cottage

by Annie Rains

AudioFile, 2019 

The use of an alternating narration in this psychological thriller is effective, and the performances of Aaron Abano and Michelle Ferguson do not disappoint. Distinct differentiation in everything from pitch to tone audibly dramatizes the wall that has developed between two parents who are coping with the loss of their child... Abano and Ferguson share a similarity in the depth of desperation they portray in these damaged characters. When the story's twists are revealed, both characters sound as authentically surprised as the listener, thanks to the presentation.

~Innocent Sleep by Karen Perry

AudioFile, 2014 

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