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About Us

Breathing life into audiobooks

Microphone used to record audiobooks by aardvark audiobooks


Aardvark is a team of experienced audiobook narrators with a range of international voices. Since 1982 we’ve narrated for Audible, BBC Audiobooks, Brilliance, Dorling Kindersley, Hachette, Harper Collins, Macmillan, Podium, Public Affairs, and more, in genres from Young Adult and Fantasy Romance to Science and Technology, Literary Fiction, Biography, Hipster Sci-Fi, Erotica, Sports Journalism, History, and Politics.



We narrate in English and Spanish, with authentic accents from across the US and around the world. Need a specific accent or language? Ask us. We train new narrators and have a diverse multi-ethnic library of rising talent.



We work as a team. A second narrator follows the manuscript and engineers every recording. This extra layer of quality control lets us deliver finished audiobooks better and faster.

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